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Nonini is a rapper,performer,producer and song writer in Kenya. He started out his career in music back in 2000 which has earned him his name godfather of Genge. The Genge style of music refers to music for the masses due to his style of rapping that is widely understood in the streets. With the identity of Genge music and craft of his rap, Nonini has released four albums to date.. Entrepreneurship has always been in Nonini’s blood. He owns a clothing line called Nonini Wear and a Video Production Agency called Pro Habo. With entrepreneur skills that have mentored various artists this has earned him the name raprenuer (a rapper and entrepreneur), He is the first Kenyan Musician to have his own Movie titled ‘Code +254’, he also advocates for the rights of the marginalized such as the albinos with the Colour Kwa Face Campaign, & a philanthropist with his Entertainment with Fun for Charity Basketball Tournaments he organises monthly to support various persons in need and Charity homes. The diversity of Nonini has earned him recognition, this year 2012 has been particulary significant in his life, 12 being the years he has been in the music industry. Recently where he earned the Music Society of Kenya award 2012 for ‘The most crossover artist in all media stations’ upon receiving this award he posted on his social media accounts "Just won an award for the most crossover artist in all media stations! Inaamaanisha wagenge hawana ukabila from kassfm to Homeboyz to Onefm kila station wagenge ni watrue! Shukran!" In 2012 Nonini initiated the Colour Kwa Face Campaign inspired by his Song from the godfather album called ‘Colour Kwa Face’ where he featured female vocalist called Christine Apondi. Colour Kwa Face Initiative is campaign which advocates and educates on the well being of albino persons who are often marginalized and misunderstood. The ongoing campaign collects Sunscreen lotion to supply to those Albinos who are unable to meet the cost of this expensive lotion that would otherwise assist them in their day to day lives. The campaign gave birth to the Colour Kwa Face Foundation. 2014 Nonini was elected by musicians to serve as a director in the Performers Rights Society of Kenya (PRISK) where he serves as a director. PRISK is a Collecting Management Organisation licenced by the government through the Kenya Copyright Board to represent Actors and Musicians in collecting their royalties. Born Hubert Nakitare in 2nd October 1982 in Nairobi’s California Estate in Eastlands, the young Nonini caught the ‘freestyling’ bug in 1999 like many other of his peers when Urban Kenyan Music was kicking in. A friend and fellow MC (T.I.T.O.) introduced him to Clement Rapudo and Paul Nunda, better known as Clemo -the producer and Juacali -an artiste, and together they began the ‘Genge (Mass Music) Revolution’. One of the strong reasons for Nonini being a top notch artiste that he invokes his lifestyle and that of his friends and neighbors through his music; his influence is quite obvious, with the elicited responses and discussions that stem after he releases any song / video to his ardent fans who range from 14 – 40 years, with an obvious spill-over both ways. There is no exaggeration about him. It’s all REAL; his language, his behavior, his lyrics, his ordeals, etc. It all comes from his heart Mgenge True. Among the awards and recognitions that Nonini are: • International Lifestyle Ambassador by Limkokwing University. • This award has also been granted to distinguished VIP’s such as Mel Gibson, Bruce Davey, Miss England 2008, Miss India 2006, Eric Way (Sex and the City), Miss Botswana, HE Prince Andrew, HE Festus Moghae (President Of Botswana), Prime Minister of Malaysia. The award is in line with the University’s of building the skills of their young citizens, particularly in the area of new technology, of Sound and Music, Film and Television and other creative courses. • Graced the 2009 MTV AFRICA VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS (MAMAZ) by giving out the award of best Hip Hop together with HHP from South Africa. • Most of His music soundtracks were used by MTV Staying Alive for the HIV AWARENESS Mini-Series SHUGA. • His Video Production House Pro Habo has proved to be the best in Kenya in terms of Script Writing and Quality. (Kadhaa was the Best Video 2009)! • Best Male Artiste of the Year (2004) at Chaguo la Teeniez Awards • Collaboration of the Year for ‘Si Lazima’ (2007) Chaguo la Teeniez Awards • Group of the Year for ‘P-Unit’ (2007) Chaguo la Teeniez Awards • Song of the Year for ‘Si Lazima’ (2007) Chaguo la Teeniez Awards • Best Group (Punit) 2007 Kisima Awards • Best Group (Punit) 2008 Chaguo La Teeniez Awards. • Most sizzling Video 2008 Chaguo La Teeniez Awards. • Chaguo La Teeniez is simply ‘Teens Choice Awards’ • Nonini once endorsed a Motorola V550 phone during a Safaricom promotion through their (Safaricom) dealer Com21 Ltd. • Nonini was once a celebrity breakfast presenter on the youth-oriented FM station Y FM, now Hot 96. • MCSK 2012 Cross Over Artiste Across all Media’s • Nominated for the BEFTA (black entertainment, film, fashion, television and arts) AWARDS UK • Winner of Best Hip Hop Song Kisima Awards 2012 (Song Colour Kwa Face) • Winner of the Best Director Music Video Kisima Awards 2012 (Song Colour Kwa Face) • Top Earner MCSK Royalties Artist 2013. • We Kamu Soundtrack for KWS (Kenya Wildlife Service) Advert 2013/2014